WWW File Share Pro - User Reviews
Great program for allowing friends to come to my computer and view my photos, plus upload or download. Easy to setup and use. Thanks.
- Dean 
Great software, makes file sharing a snap!
- Steven 
Thank you for making a very nice program. I wish all programmers did the job as well, with a nice easy clean program format and good help files. I meet people on the internet that do not no about Windows Explorer, defrag, or scandisk. And it is nice to see a programmer with the IQ to make his programs work for people like this. I have been in computing for over 26 years so I may no a little bit about them. I do not send out e-mail's to say good job, but this time I had to say good program. It is nice to get something back for working hard on a program.
- Bob 
I have been searching for the right ftp software for about 3 years now. When I came across your software on the web I couldn't believe how simple it would be for me to share my files with my family & friends. I can't thank the makers of this software enough. Great Job, Awesome Work.
- Willis 
This is a great product and I wish you the best of luck. Normally I would look to download something like this over Kazaa, but yours is worth paying for.
- Anthony 
Best product on the market, and I have tried a few. Nothing else comes close! Thanks for a great program
- William Brown
I love your program!!! It is so easy to use, no complicated configuration whatsoever (thanks for making our life easier)!!! The resulting web page is great and looks very very professional!!! My search for a File Sharing Program had ended, and I'm sure, for others too!!!
- Rene