WWW File Share Pro - How to set password protection?
If you enabled password protection, then users must input right name and password before they access the service of WFS Pro.
(The browser will send encrypted name and password to WFS Pro).

You can control who can access your file-sharing service by adding authorized users. Generally, at least one authorized user needs to be added, otherwise no-one will be able to view the resource you shared.

To enable/disable password protection, please go to the "User/Password" panel on the "Settings" window. Then please select/clear the 'Enable password protection for the whole site' check-box.

To add a user, please enter the user's name in the User name field, and the user's password in the Password field, check/uncheck options: Allow downloading and Allow uploading to set user's rights. Then click the button "Add" to add a user.
To remove a user, please select the user name from the list then click the button "Remove".

You can also set protection for directories and files.

Don't forget to save the changes by clicking the "Save settings" button.